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Rural Road Rehabilitation – Ampara, Matara, Kalutara, Kurunegala

The project is part of the Government’s efforts to construct and improve more than 100,000km of rural road infrastructure across the Island. Initiated by the Ministry of Highways and the Road Development Authority (RDA), the project is in line with the national policy framework “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour”, and is expected to improve access...

Southern Expressway Extension

The Southern Expressway is Sri Lanka’s first E-class highway. It connects key urban centres like Colombo, Galle, and Matara. Sri Lanka’s highways serve as arteries for economic growth, supporting planned urbanisation and national development. Extension of the highway to Hambantota, location of Sri Lanka’s second largest port, was initiated in 2015. Under the main contractor CATIC,...

Hambantota Port Bypass Road

This is a vital bypass road that connects the Matara–Wellawaya road to city of Hambantota and acts as a critical diversion around the Hambantota Port. Eventually proposed to become a 6-lane road, the construction was carried out within an accelerated time period of 1 month, in lieu of its urgent necessity as conveyed...


Matara – Wellawaya Road

The project comprised the rehabilitation work of A-002 main highway from Matara to Wellawaya funded by European Union in association with Asian Development Bank, under the Tsunami Affected Area Rehabilitation Project. The road is the vital link that connects the western and southern coasts with the eastern coast.

In order to achieve the...