Our Management Team

Construction Management

M H Hussein, General Manager (Construction)

L L Chandrasena, General Manager

T L R Thilak Silva, General Manager (Construction)

D M Siriwardena, General Manager (Construction)


L L Gunasena, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

A B N Chandrasiri, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

H A S S Perera, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

W K C Jayatissa, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

A A Thilakaratne, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

S Mahathanthila, Deputy General Manager (Construction)

S I Mahawatta, Deputy General Manager (Construction)


S Senevirathna, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

W N D Ratnasena, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

P S P Perera, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

W E B Marasinghe, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

B M P Balasuriya, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

A M Cassim, Assistant General Manager (Water Supply)

K H N J Ariyasena, Assistant General Manager (Construction)

U K D L T Udawatta, Assistant General Manager (Construction)


D M N Dissanayake, Senior Project Manager

H G P Jeewantha, Senior Project Manager

D M S B Dissanayake, Senior Project Manager

U S K Rupassara, Senior Project Manager

G M W K Gajanayake, Senior Project Manager

A C P C P Dhammika, Senior Project Manager

M S Amarasinghe, Senior Project Manager

J A A P Jayasinghe, Senior Project Manager


B R Kariyawasam, Project Manager

W M M Perera, Project Manager

K L S N Fernando, Project Manager

K M T N Kulathilake, Project Manager

T D Wickramasekara, Project Manager

P V D C Peiris , Project Manager

G A J Prasad, Project Manager

P W A Samanpali, Project Manager

P I S Dahanayaka, Project Manager

R N J S De Silva, Project Manager

D S B Senavirathne, Project Manager

G A A B Galgamuwa, Project Manager

J S K Udayantha, Project Manager

A K S C Karunadasa, Project Manager

I U P J Balasooriya, Project Manager

G A M R Ganepola, Project Manager

D M P C Dissanayake, Project Manager

A A Nazar, Project Manager

R A N C Rupasinghe, Project Manager

T M C A Thennakoon, Project Manager

B M R B Gunathilaka, Project Manager

K D A B Kumarasinghe, Project Manager

W D M K N Wijethunga, Project Manager

J M A N Sumangala, Project Manager

Dayasiri Vidanagama, Project Manager

G K M C Jayesha, Project Manager

A L N U Abeysinghe, Project Manager

N A Ranasinghe, Project Manager

A C Gunaratne, Project Manager

R K K K Ranasinghe, Project Manager

P A S Piyawickrama, Project Manager

M A S Perera, Project Manager

N R Jayathilaka, Project Manager

D M J C B Jayawardhana, Project Manager

N H G T N D Kumara, Project Manager

R M P G L S Gunapala, Project Manager

S K P S Sooriarachchi, Project Manager

H D M Peiris, Project Manager


MEP Services

D S K G Anura, General Manager - MEP Services

R S K Koratuwewatte, Senior Manager - Building Services

W K Senanayake, Manager - MEP Services

B K D S Ananda, Manager - Building Services

R P W M Dinusha Rajakaruna, Manager - Building Services

G Nawaratne, Manager - Building Services


Asphalt & Aggregate Production

A K Edirisinghe, Assistant General Manager (Plant & Machinery)

M K D L Gunathilaka, Plant Manager

G S U K Jayarathne, Plant Manager

A M C N Amarakoon, Plant Manager

H A S Gunasoma, Manager - Plant

M U Muhamaddh, Manager - Plant

W G A K J Weligala, Manager - Plant


Ready-mix Concrete Production        

M A Upul Bandaranayake, Senior Manager - Batching Plants

T V Mallawarachchi, Plant Manager

M D Gunathilaka, Manager Quality Assurance & Operations

M D E N Mahawatta, Manager - Operations & QA/QC


Plant & Machinery

S A Gamage, Senior Manager - Plant & Machinery

D N P Meddage, Plant Manager

W J M C T Jayasinghe, Manager - Crusher & Asphalt Plants


Central Workshop

L A Victor Nimal Kumara, Senior Manager - Central Workshop

K L D Premarathna, Assistant Carpentry Manager



R B Wasantha Kumara, Deputy General Manager (Finance & Planning)

M.H.M. Amarasinghe, Manager - Finance

W.A.S.B.M.T. Janse, Senior Accountant


QHSE & Knowledge Management 

H M W L R B Weerakoon, Assistant General Manager (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) & Knowledge Management)

M G S Jayarathne, Manager Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) & Energy Management

H P Ariyapala, Manager - Quality Assurance

S A D H J Samantha, Manager - Quality Assurance

R P C Sampath, Manager - Quality Assurance

W V Bandara, Manager - Quality Assurance

R G P De Silva, Manager - Quality Assurance

U A G K Nishanthi, Manager - Quality Assurance & Quality Control

J K K P Jayasuriya, Manager - Quality Assurance /Quality Control

W A D L Wickrama Arachchi, Manager Environment

S M I B Dedunupitiya, Manager- Environment



A.M.D.V.Gunarathna, Manager Training & Development



D B Illangage, Assistant General Manager (Administration)

S N Jayawickrama, Manager - Administration

C P Uyanahewa, Manager - Security

C A R Anthony, Manager - Administration



T M D P Tennakoon, Manager - Human Resources


Estimation & Tendering

A U Somathilake, Assistant General Manager (Estimation & Tendering)

Y N De Silva, Assistant General Manager (Estimation & Tendering - Highways and Bridges)


Information Technology & Corporate Affairs

I S U K Peiris, Assistant General Manager (Information Technology & Corporate Affairs)


Planning & Development

D D I Madurawala, Manager - Planning & Development

H H K S Nandana, Manager - Planning

M M N D B Manatunga, Senior Planning Manager



L G S J Edirisinghe, Deputy General Manager (Design)

G D A P Jayawardane, Manager (Design)



P.J. Williams, Manager - Sustainability & Communications


Systems Development

W.L.V.I. Liyanage, Manager Systems Development



T.M.H.B. Thennakoon, Senior Engineer - Surveying



S C R K Rambukwella, Manager - Monitoring & Controlling

Y M J P Bandara Yapa, Manager - Cost Monitoring and Controlling


Internal Audit

Dharmasiri, Manager Construction Audit



H.H.N.E Gunathilake, Manager Stores



B.K.L Perera, Manager Procurement



I G Weerasinghe, Manager - Contract Administration

A D V A Priyantha, Manager - Contracts