About Us

  • Maga in Brief

    Maga Engineering is Sri Lanka’s leading construction & engineering company. With our experience in constructing projects with highest quality & timely delivery, we have made a name for ourselves since our establishment in 1984

  • Key Data

    Key information of our company

  • Vision & Mission

    Our vision sets the overall goal for our business. Our mission and the importance we give them is reflected throughout our organisation and in every aspect of how we do business, every day

  • Board of Directors

    Our governance principles ensure an appropriate division of roles and responsibilities among our Board of Directors. Meet the Board here.

  • Our Management Team

    Meet our Senior Management team, our vital strength

  • Core Values

    Our employees share a common set of values, which guides our policies, our operations and ultimately, our behavior

  • Key Policies

    Our key policies describes our commitment towards human rights, health and safety, sustainability and other key operational areas

  • Goals & Targets

    Our overall goals are to achieve our strategic targets in Economic, Social & Environmental areas of our operations

  • Company History & Timeline

    Our story began in 1984, when M.G. Kularatne founded Maga Engineering with a vision to become a model construction company in the region. 3 decades later we are continuing our journey stronger

  • Awards & Achievements

    Our outstanding business performance and human resource practices bring us continuous awards for excellence in engineering, quality, safety and community spirit