Matara – Wellawaya Road

The project comprised the rehabilitation work of A-002 main highway from Matara to Wellawaya funded by European Union in association with Asian Development Bank, under the Tsunami Affected Area Rehabilitation Project. The road is the vital link that connects the western and southern coasts with the eastern coast.

In order to achieve the highly demanding target of completing the 158 kilometers of roadwork within the stipulated period of 30 months, we adopted the strategy of breaking down the work scope into 5 sections, each 30km in length, thereby enabling work on each section to be carried out simultaneously. In addition to the above, a separate section was formed for bridge construction, since the project involved the construction of 39 bridges, 297 culverts and 55km of drainage.

The project team was highly receptive to the needs of the local communities, where community work, upgrading of hospital & school infrastructure facilities and several HIV/STD Preventions Programmes were carried out. Under the Asian Development Bank’s Environment Management Guidelines, a plan for organizing, directing and controlling the environmental issues were formulated through a project-specific Environmental Management Action Plan (EMAP).

Maga successfully handed over the road to the RDA on 10 September 2009, six weeks ahead of the scheduled completion date, at a final cost of 5.6 billion. The project has been praised by the European Union, its funding agency, for leading the way for local contractors of the region in the execution of large scale infrastructure development projects.