Sethsiripaya Stage II

With Sri Jayawadrenapura Kotte being chosen as the Administrative Capital of the Country, the government has focused on providing citizens with efficient and streamlined services from one locale. The “Sethsiripaya” Administrative Complex at Battaramulla is an important part of this transformation, as the buildings currently house 13 ministries which serve a variety of sectors. Sethsiripaya Stage II was envisaged as large-scale office complex to add further government administrative space. Our client, the Urban Development Authority, intended the building to be people and environmentally-friendly, promoting natural ventilation, use of harvested rain water and easy access for the differently-able together with recreational facilities for the visiting public.

Maga Engineering is proud to be the construction partner of the Urban Development Authority in the implementation of this project from its inception. The shifting of the administrative offices to Sri Jayawardenapura is a major part of the UDA’s plan to convert Colombo into a major commercial city, and the opening of this Stage II complex at Sethsiripaya has been a major milestone in this process.

The building consists of 14 storeys and includes modern amenities and a state-of-the-art auditorium. It uses solar energy to generate much of its energy needs and is capable of rain water purification. Whilst serving its purposes of bringing together several government institutions into one location, Sethsiripaya Stage II stands as an icon of Maga’s commitment to produce sustainable public infrastructure.