Justice Akbar Mawatha & Uttarananda Mawatha Flyovers

The project involves Design and Construction of two flyovers in Slave Island (Colombo 02) along Justice Akbar Mawatha and Uttarananda Mawatha and a connecting flyover between the two.

The proposed flyovers will overarch one of the busiest railway tracks leading into the City and ease heavy traffic congestion that is prevalent and expected to grow along the fringes of Colombo’s Central Business District (CBD). The Colombo 02 area is home to several new mixed-use and residential developments alongside existing public and private commercial spaces. The new flyovers are expected to improve traffic flow in the long-term and alleviate severe traffic congestion caused due to closing of rail-crossings for multiple trains during rush-hours and throughout the day.

Maga Engineering has been contracted to design and construct the two flyovers, and the project is expected to complete in 12 months. The flyover on Justice Akbar Mawatha will be 207 meters in length and 8.4 meters in width, while the flyover on Uttarananda Mawatha will be 396 meters in length and 10.4 meters in width. The branch flyover connecting the two flyovers will be 310 meters in length and 6.9 meters in width.