Para-Clinical Building, Faculty of Medicine – Sabaragamuwa University

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Maga Engineering has undertaken design and construction of the Para-Clinical Building for the Faculty of Medicine, Sabaragarnuwa University, a significant first step in establishing a fully-fledged medical faculty.

The new para-clinical building will boast 03 lecture theatres, 40 lecture rooms, 12 tutorial rooms, 09 state-of-the-art laboratories, and functional clinical areas for OPD and patient examination.

MAGA’s universal and sustainable design ensures accessibility, maximises natural light and ventilation, and proposes a host of sustainable features including VRV air conditioning, solar power generation, and rainwater harvesting that can be used for landscaping and irrigation on the campus.

Once complete, the new building and medical faculty would provide a host of new higher learning opportunities for students in the area and further strengthen the University’s position as a centre of excellence for research and development.