Fairway Colombo

Situated at the heart of Colombo’s Central Business District and entertainment hub, Fairway Colombo is a 4-star modern business hotel that blends accessibility with great design.

Located in close proximity to the iconic World Trade Centre and the popular Dutch Hospital complex, Fairway Colombo is a 8 Storey hotel compromising a floor area of 125,000 sqft. With a total of 181 rooms that include family rooms and suites, the hotel perfectly complements modern Colombo in appearance and feel.

Due to lack space to construct ramps, a mechanical car parking system was constructed. Furthermore, a fiber-glass moulding system was introduced instead of cement molding in order to save time and cost.

Since the construction site was located at a high security zone in the Central Business District of Colombo, the project team ensured that safety, security and vehicular movement were properly monitored at all times.