Throughout the past year, the construction sector continued to mirror—and to a certain extent—shape the country’s future economic progression. Within this sector in particular, the opportunity to actively propel sustainable development in the country has never been greater. However, our capacity to do so hinged not only on our collective experience, knowledge and skills, but also on our ability to compete with international construction firms, manage the impact of various socio-economic conditions, whilst attracting much needed investment during a period of global economic recovery.

Against this backdrop, becoming ‘sustainable’ required us to make our production processes leaner, provide more security and training to our employees, identify immediate risks in relation to our environment, whilst actively seeking investment. The challenge was to infuse sustainability ideals into all aspects of our core business—and vice versa— i.e. create sustainable development through our core business: the provision of social and economic infrastructure that is well designed, highly functional and long lasting, thus adding value to the real economy.

Our sustainability framework continues to offer a heightened sense of direction and purpose to our ongoing relationship with our environment, employees and external stakeholders. As the focus on nurturing these relationships grew, it also created a profound impact on the quality of our end-product and service.

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