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Quality is at the heart of everything we do, and an unwavering approach to quality and sustainable development has been the underlying theme of the organisation throughout the years. Within the triple bottom line of economic, ecological and social impacts of its operations, the quality of its product is fundamental to the establishment of sustainability ideals of an organisation. We endeavour to sustain a very dynamic sense of quality through continual re-evaluation of our quality objectives with respect to an ever-evolving, volatile market demanding a diverse range of client requirements with the use of a limited set of resources.


Quality Management

Our Quality Management System has been certified under ISO9001: 2000 / SLS ISO 9001:2000 for Construction of Bridges, Highways and Water Supply and Drainage Systems, Carpentry and Joinery, Production of Ready mixed Concrete and Asphalt Concrete.   Maga has also obtained ISO 9001:2000 accreditations for Design and Build Construction.

 A Quality Assurance or a Quality Control system (depending on the specific requirements of each project) is established to perform sufficient inspection and tests of all items of work, to ensure conformance to the applicable specifications with respect to the materials, workmanship, construction, finish, functional performance and identification. These controls cover all construction processes and operations, including design and fabrication, and is linked to the Critical Path Management utilities of the project.

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